Heavy Engineering and EPC

Delivering Logistic Value Across Industries

heavy machinery

  • Strong ODC capabilities to move heavy equipments
  • Strong focus on meeting reverse logistic requirements

Indian Sectors such as the Power and Telecom are witnessing huge growth, gearing up rapidly to address the power shortages faced. While extensive capacity additions are adding to the logistic demands in these Sectors, the Indian Heavy Engineering and EPC sector requires movement of heavy equipment, and hence needs logistics providers with capabilities to meet that, especially ODC services.

At the same time, inventory build up and management of reverse logistics becomes important for the businesses in this sector. Darcl holds long experience of helping customers in the Heavy Engineering and EPC sector and hence is able to offer the right services:

  • Project Transportation
  • Over Dimensional Cargo (ODC) and Heavy Lift Consignments
  • Route Survey
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