Delivering Logistic Value Across Industries


  • One of the fastest growing sectors, globally
  • Efficient logistics can bring down costs
  • Reducing transit wastage another important focus area

The Indian automotive market is one of the fastest growing ones in the world. However, it is also faced with cost pressures and efficient logistics can play a key role towards easing them. Fluctuating demands, tight schedules and newer products also add to the need for reliable and responsible logistics providers. Reducing transit damages is also cited as a key focus area going ahead for automobile logistics.  The host of international players operating in the Indian space also expect their logistic providers to play an increasingly strategic role, acting like business associates rather than mere implementer.

Armed with this close understanding of the sector and deep experience, Darcl extends a host of specialized services for businesses in the Automobile sector:

  • Specialized Fleet/Containers
  • Raw Material Transportation
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